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Andrew Reynolds' Cash On Demand 2.0

Fifteen years ago while working in the house building industry Andrew Reynolds, author of the Cash on Demand 2.0 course,   decided that he wanted to find a different way to live and a different way to earn money. Almost by chance he was invited to a seminar in America where he met a quietly spoken individual who became his mentor and who taught him how to make money working from home. “I met this guy dressed in jeans and trainers who gave a talk entitled how to make $30,000 a month working from home “says Andrew Reynolds “as he spoke I wrote down loads and loads of notes and I just knew in my gut that this was the way I wanted to change my life and the way that I wanted to earn money.”

On returning to the U.K, in a step that would some years later lead to the publication of Andrew’s Cash on Demand 2.0  course,  Andrew set about developing what he’d learnt in the states and trying and testing things out to see what would work and what wouldn’t work in the U.K. (there are some things in America for example which wont work here in the U.K. and vice versa). Andrew worked from his spare room at home in his little 3 bedroom house on the local estate. He had an old second hand desk a pre-Pentium computer and an assortment of old bits and pieces such as a clackety clack printer. With this and a phone line he set up in business and began selling videos. Within approximately 3 years he had pulled in over one million pounds and was on the way to becoming a millionaire himself – years before he decided to write down his system for others to learn from in the form of his monthly Andrew’s Cash on Demand 2.0 course.

As people saw him becoming successful with the new business idea that he got from the states people asked Andrew to teach them the system that he was using. At first Andrew taught people privately in small classroom settings but very quickly found that he was spending more time running these classes than he was in focusing on his own home based business.  Determined to do both however he set about writing down his entire system into what then became the Andrew’s  Cash on Demand course. As technology and internet use changed over the years Andrew continually updated and tweaked the business system adapting it to new opportunities made available for example through the use of social media. Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 course is therefore the latest updated version of this system which shows his students exactly what is working for him today rather than some of the outdated methods that he might have used 15 years ago. Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 course is available on a monthly subscription of just £29.95 a month and the full course comes in just 12 simple step by step parts.

Would be students of Andrew’s Cash on Demand 2.0 course can get a free look before committing to the full subscription. Andrew Reynolds provides a free 1st package which consists of not only the 1st Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 module from the 12 part course but also 3 free DVD’s, an audio CD, and a certificate entitling the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 student to a 1 hour consultation direct with Andrew Reynolds.

The 3 DVD’s will be of particular interest to anyone considering studying Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 course. In particular you will want to take a look at the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 DVD entitled the £500,000 challenge. Just a few years ago Andrew was challenged by a national TV crew to pull in half a million pounds in less than 1 week. The TV crew insisted that they follow Andrew around for the full week to record his movements and all the things he was doing. Under the watchful eye of the TV crew Andrew calmly showed the reporter money coming in day by day. The final scene from this Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 DVD shows how Andrew’s results was checked by independent auditors and the results of his £500,000 challenge confirmed.

In just 1 week Andrew Reynolds had pulled in half a million pounds using the techniques that he now teaches in the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 course.

Other DVD’s in the free package all of which you get to keep whether or not you wish to subscribe to the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand 2.0 (COD) course will not include footage filmed live at London’s iconic O2 arena where Andrew spent several hours on stage teaching COD students how to make money. This event was one of the COD bootcamps held to raise money for charity and was attended by over 8,000 of COD 2.0 students. The event won 2 awards…..the best business event 2010 and the best U.K. and international conference. In addition it broke records with some of its audio visual features. But most importantly it provided an opportunity for COD 2.0 students to meet with Andrew and to spend 2 days being taught not only by Andrew but by other leading entrepreneurs from around the world. You will see highlights from the bootcamp and in particular Andrew speaking on stage in the free package that you get when you sign up for the trial edition of the COD 2.0 course.

Finally in the free Cash on Demand 2.0 package you also get to see an insight into Andrew work with charities. In particular the students of Andrew Reynolds COD 2.0 course cannot help but be moved by the scenes shown on the 3rd DVD where Andrew visited the townships of Cape Town and met with local entrepreneurs who were trying to make a living despite the hardships of township life. In one particularly moving scene Andrew comes across a soup kitchen which feeds over 400 children 3 times a day….and which was running out of money. Seeing the plight of the soup kitchen Andrew offered to completely fund the kitchen for the foreseeable future. As  you’ll see in Andrew Reynolds COD 2.0 course Andrews philosophy is “I always promised myself that if I ever made any serious money I would do something sensible with it rather than just fritter it away” says Cash on Demand 2.0’s author. When you see these DVD’s that are included in the Cash on Demand 2.0 free trial package you’ll see exactly what he means.

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