Cash On Demand add-ons to your online business

Cash on Demand

Once you have your Cash on Demand website up and running, there are a few little extras you can add to your marketing arsenal to bring in extra leads…..and extra cash.

Here are just a few of the ways you can tweak your online presence to bring in more cash.

1. Put an email capture device on the site. Use one of the programs shown in the Cash on Demand course to add a simple collection box for name and email address (or physical postal address too if you can get it). Create a mailing list,

Send that list a tip of the week – or a regular ezine to keep in touch with your visitors (and to occasionally tell them about new projects and offers.)

2. Use feedback from your Cash on Demand customers. These days people are really skeptical. They will be more inclined to buy if they can see or hear a third party testimonial from someone who has used or bought your product. As you get customer feedback, ask if you can use their testimonial on your webpage. Include their photo if possible too – as it all helps the new prospective buyer build trust in your offer if they can see likeminded people have been there before them and been happy. Using testimonials will make visitors to your Cash on Demand website more likely to buy from you

3.Track your ads. One piece of feedback that I often get is “I put an ad out there but I made no sales.

Ok –but do we know which part of the chain fell down? Did the ad pull well – i.e. did you get loads of visitors to your site who did not buy? Or did you get no visitors at all, as the ad failed to demand their attention.

If you track your ad – check the stats that came with your website hosting – you’ll know if it’s the ad or the website which is failing.

4. One final thing – if you’ve not done it already.

Have you offered a money back guarantee? If not – you need to do it now. On any front end product – where you are selling to people who have never bought form you before – you need to offer a guarantee. This instills some confidence in the mid of the purchaser. A guarantee on a Cash on Demand style offer should be for a minimum of 30 days.

Add these few ‘tweaks’ to your online Cash On Demand marketing and you’ll see an increase in your business

Cash on Demand

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