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Some scientists in America conducted an experiment with fish. They put minnows at one end of a tank. Then they introduced a Perch at the other end of a tank. When they dropped a Perch in at the other end of course the Perch gobbled up all of the Minnows.

For the next part of the experiment the scientists dropped a sheet of glass in the middle the tank. The Perch was one side of the glass and more Minnows were placed into the tank on the other side. When the Perch raced over to the Minnows he banged into the glass screen. So he turned around and swam back to the end of his fish tank section.

Instead of accepting he couldn’t get to the minnows, he raced straight back towards them and banged into the glass again.

For days he repeated this same pattern. He would race along the tank and bang his nose on the glass again.

Eventually his mind was conditioned. He registered that each time he tried to reach the Minnows it hurt.

This is what the scientists did next. They took the glass away. By now this Perch hadn’t eaten for days. It must have been very hungry. However the Perch never went near the Minnows. He assumed, wrongly, that the glass was still there and if he went up to it, it would hurt. This Perch had been mentally conditioned.

And that’s what happens to us. If we try something several times and each time we get hurt, we become mentally conditioned to stop doing whatever was hurting us. It’s irrelevant how it hurt us, it could be we failed or it made somebody angry with us. The conditioning is the same. We stop doing a certain thing because the result is painful.

For those of you have read my Cash on Demand material, you will know about the study that was done on fleas. Apparently a flea can jump 200 times its own height. That’s incredible. Imagine if you jumped 200 times your own height.

The experiment was this. They put a glass over a flea. This stopped the flea from jumping its normal 200 times his own height. The flea could only jump the height of the glass. Each time this flea jumped he banged into the bottom of the upended glass. Eventually the scientists removed the glass. However, this flea continued to jump as if he was still trapped in that glass. He had been conditioned to jump that height because to jump higher would have hurt. So, although the flea could jump 200 times his own height – he believed he couldn’t because it hurt if he tried. So that flea was conditioned to jump way below his abilities.

Human beings are working on the same principle. And until we take those beliefs away that restrict us, we are living way below our true capabilities. It’s not my style to boast, but this year I will probably earn two hundred times the national average wage through my little Cash on Demand business all because I removed all those obstacles. You can do the same.

Those of you who were at my last Cash on Demand Training will remember that I played Heather Small’s song, ‘Proud’. This is the line that does it for me, so maybe it will strike a chord, no pun intended, for you. The line is this:

You can be so many people if you make that break for freedom.

There is so much material inside the Cash on Demand course that gives you the chance to make that break for freedom. Just think if you could jump 200 times higher how much you could change your life. Dream a little, instill some confidence and belief – realize that more often than not, what stops you from doing what you really want to is simply down to your conditioned mind.

Break free and you can be so many people – you can jump 200 times higher…..

The module is an extract from Andrew Reynolds Boot Camp presentation to his Cash On Demand students.

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