Cash On Demand and building your credibility

Cash on Demand

Cash on Demand business owners MUST have trade with integrity, says Andrew Reynolds

Integrity and reputation are everything for a Cash on Demand marketer. How you conduct yourself online and offline – how you deal with your new Cash on Demand customers – how your website and offline sales letters look….everything about how you run your business will build or damage your reputation and therefore your profits.

If you are building a ‘brand’ around YOU – star with how you present yourself to your prospects. Bear in mind the lifetime value of a customer – and that people tend to decide within 3 seconds of seeing a face whether they trust that person or not.

Back when I was growing up in my Dads shop – the advantage there was that new customers would meet Dad face to face and be able to make a judgement based on the smile on his lips – the ‘whites of his eyes’ if you like.

It was so much easier to develop the confidence of the customer in the flesh and to develop an ongoing relationship.

These days – at the very least you should have a picture on your Cash on Demand website – if the offer is about YOU. If it is not and you are publishing someone else’s products or work – then the only place your name should appear is at the end as the publishing company.

But assuming that the product is all about YOU – your picture is definitely required to let a customer see the whites of YOUR eyes.

Consider adding audio or video too. A simple brief video message form you is better than hundreds of words in establishing your credibility.

In one of the bonus Modules of the Cash on Demand course I show you some great tools for doing this.

Your customers need to know that they can contact you – so any Cash On Demand website MUST have your name and address at least, on the site. If you don’t want to use your own home address – consider using a virtual office (do a search online for ‘virtual offices’ – you’ll find loads available at low cost. They also offer phone answering in the name of your business, which is useful if you are working full time while setting up your Cash On Demand business in your spare time.

Cash on Demand

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