Cash on Demand and getting started

Cash on Demand

Cash on Demand marketer Andrew Reynolds talks about making money from a home based business.

According to recent studies the current economic climate is leading more and more people to start their own home based business to provide extra security for their families.

The opportunities now available for starting and building a sustainable business that a family can be proud of, by using the techniques taught in the Cash on Demand course, are now stronger than ever.

Here are 3 Cash on Demand business start up tips.

1. Make a 5 year life plan. Write a list if impossible things you would like to have in your life in five years time. If you have seen the Cash on Demand presentation given at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in 2008, you will have seen exactly how to put together a Vision Book – pictures of what you want to get in the next five years.

Most importantly – BELIEVE! Believe that you can achieve something for yourself. In fact believe IN yourself. You have as much right as anyone else to a lifestyle of freedom and not having to worry about how to pay the bills.

2. Don’t spend too much time on spreadsheets and forecasts

If you go to any banker or accountant they will tell you to do a Business Plan – a forecast of products, losses, Cashflow etc for the next few years. What complete nonsense. What do Bankers and Accountants know? (They are the guys who screwed up the economy in the first place :- )

Since I walked into my boss’s office and told him I was resigning my job, I have never done a Business Plan. They are a complete waste of time. The beauty of the Cash on Demand system that I teach is that you can start on a shoestring – in your spare time. No big financial forecast. No Cashflow statements. Just get a little project out there and get started…That’s all I did –and within a few years it made me a Millionaire.

3 Stick with your full time job to start with

Even though I handed in my notice at work as soon as I had been taught how to make money working form home, I would not recommend that as a way to go. These days, fortunately, you have access to the monthly Cash on Demand course so that you can study the business and get started in your spare time, evenings, weekends or whenever – giving you the chance to start up and build slowly around the demands of your full time job. When the cash comes in and profits exceed your weekly or monthly job earnings – that is the time to consider going full time with your Cash On Demand business

Cash on Demand

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