The Power of a Swipe File

If you don’t know what a swipe file is I’ll tell you. First, here is what you need to create one. Either a big empty cardboard box or one of those handy plastic stacker boxes as long as it is a deep one.

What you are going to collect and put into your box will make you a fortune for your Cash on Demand business. I’ll explain how this works in a minute.

The idea is to collect every piece of advertising material that you can. That means every successful direct mail piece that drops onto your door mat, lift letters, Cash on Demand style sales letters, order forms, web sales copy, email copy etc. that has the same kind of product to sell that you are offering yourself. If you haven’t started your business this still applies.

This box containing all of your collected advertising material is known as a Swipe file and its something used by most successful Cash on Demand marketers. Make sure that it contains only the sales copy which appeals to you, that you feel is strong and works. It might only be the headline in a newspaper advert for instance, but copy it out or cut and paste the advert and highlight the headline with a highlighting pen. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you are collecting good copy for your swipe file.

Okay, so what do you with it, just how is this collection going to put money into your pocket?

Let’s suppose you have a new product and you want to produce strong sales copy. Now it might be an advert that you place in a newspaper, magazine or on the Internet. Or it could be a sales letter. Whatever, it is you decide you need to produce the first thing you do, is rifle through your swipe file.

I’ll say up front to save any confusion later you are NOT going to copy any headlines or copy verbatim. What the swipe file will do, is to trigger ideas for your OWN headlines, and own ideas for good copy for your product. Remember, the content of your swipe file is marketing material that people have written to sell to the same market place you are involved in.

This is SO powerful I can’t stress it enough. Just consider how daunting it is to decide for instance you need a sales letter and so you open a pad pick up a pen…and nothing. You’re staring at a blank piece of paper. What do you write?

Now think about how different this is – armed with your pad and pen, you go to your Cash on Demand swipe file and start rifling. You spot a headline which immediately grabs your attention. You jot that down on your pad. Remember you can’t use it in its exact form. So, one of two things will happen. You will write down an alternative word and juggle the others around, or discover a set of words with the same impact, which the original headline inspired you to think of. If that doesn’t happen, you simply delve back into your swipe file and find more samples. Then you can cobble together a new headline from several in your swipe file.

You may not know this, but even the greatest copywriters use the swipe file method to write powerful copy. It’s a secret weapon that many Cash on Demand Millionaires including myself use, who make their money offering small niche products to targeted groups of people.

In fact, you may, when I first tell you about something I recently did, think I’m completely mad. I recently paid $10,000 to buy a swipe file. It was the swipe file from an American copywriter. She had collected marketing leaflets, flyers, adverts, email and web headlines and sales letters for about five years. She had, all of the top sales letters and adverts for most of the big USA marketers.

So, on the surface, I guess it must seem mad that I paid $10,000 for a box of paper. However, a single Cash on Demand sales letter I write can bring me over half a million pounds. So, if I got my inspiration from this swipe file, for that sales letter, as you can see the $10,000 I paid is money well invested.

And as you have probably gathered, you can use your Swipe file again and again. Every time you want to create new sales copy it makes the task easy and actually I find it becomes fun.

The Swipe file is a powerful tool for giving your Cash on Demand business that extra sales zest.

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