Marketers should Include this Vital Element for Results

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One of the most important elements of your entire home business is ‘COPY’. The words which are used to EXCITE and CONVINCE a reader that what you have they WANT.

The whole point of you learning from the course is to give you everything you need to break free from the restraints and hardships of ordinary working life. To get you up and running in a home business with the potential to make just as much money as you choose to.

I’m going to explain a Cash on Demand technique that saves you money and time, as well as making you the most money possible, by working smarter.

A business relies on COPY. Just to clarify what I mean by copy, they are the words you use in sales material – whether it’s a letter, an advert, magazine article, it doesn’t matter. Whenever words are used as a sales tool, it’s called copy. And for you to make the most money possible your copy must achieve its goal…which is to sell your product or service.

Your copy has to excite and convince a reader that they must have what you are offering, so they willingly send you their money. And they are so keen to have what you are offering they want it as soon as possible.

So, how can you create sales copy that results in people willingly sending you their hard earned cash? And not just a few people, but as many as possible within your niche market place.

The vital element that raises all copy from the mundane to special is a HOOK. If you’re into music, you’ll understand this term immediately. The No. 1 Hit in the charts is always a song that has a strong hook, which makes it memorable. You know the tunes you find yourself humming or whistling to, sometimes even annoying tunes, but you can’t help it, they just have that something that X factor about them. Copy with a strong hook has the same memorable power.

Copy hooks play such a key role in your business that if you use them you have every chance of becoming a millionaire.

Once you have decided on your hook, it will form the basis of that entire sales piece. Let’s look at the mechanics of how you arrive at a great hook for your copy. I’m going to use an analogy to start teaching you this. If you wanted to build your dream home, you begin by doing just that, dreaming about it. You might look at home and design magazines for ideas, and watch television programs like ‘Grand Design’.

However, this dreaming stage is literally one step towards building your dream home. You could carry on doing this for the rest of your life and still never step inside your dream home. Dreaming about it, won’t build it. So, the next step is to pull all of your dreams into the physical world by having your ideas drawn into a plan, by an Architect. You can tell the Architect you want six bedrooms, a barn size kitchen with a set of glass sliding doors out onto the garden, a playroom for the children etc. But until your thoughts are drawn up as a set of plans, your dream home will never become a reality.

Of course, drawing up the plans, whether you do that or use an Architect as I talked about just now, is just the start. You would have to go through the often tedious and sometimes very stressful steps of finding and purchasing a building plot, placing planning applications and waiting for the approval. Meanwhile you’d be busy checking up on health and safety regulations and finding suppliers of bricks and all the other building materials you’ll need if it was a self-build and if not, you’d be searching for reputable builders, plumber, electrician and so it goes on.

The point I want to make to you, is that although the goal of living in your dream house is incredibly exciting, the road to achieving that goal is littered with mundane and often boring practicalities. Making money from your business is much the same. You know the lifestyle you want from it but it won’t become a reality until you turn your dreams into action. And sometimes those actions can seem tedious.

Writing copy is one of those jobs that you can either skim over – because you don’t want to spend the time on such a mundane task – or you can go for creating powerful copy that brings you in the most money possible. That means, spending the time and effort to search out a fantastic hook every time you write copy.

How do you know what is a great hook? Here’s the test you do: Ask yourself does your headline grab your attention immediately? Do you find yourself reading the body text without even realizing?

So what you need to know now is how you come up with a great hook. Here’s how I do it…this works for me and it works for all of the great copywriters I know. It will work for you. I look through my swipe file to see if I can find one or two pieces of copy that really grabs my attention and appeals to me. It may only be one word, a sentence or a headline. It doesn’t matter, because at this stage, what I’m interested in finding is a hook.

Make sure that the copy you choose is of course, right for your project. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with this, because your swipe file should be full of sales material for products in your niche market. If however, your home business is new and you haven’t yet had time to collect for a swipe file, you’ll find a full list in the course. Use this list in the same way as I describe how I use my swipe file.

Once I have chosen enough samples of copy that grabbed my attention – anything from one piece to several – I write them down on a pad. Next I brainstorm, working up ideas on how to best grab people’s attention and how to make them take action. Just a quick but important note here, obviously you never use copy word for word because this would be infringing copyright. Instead you use other people’s best ideas to trigger your own great ideas.

Remember that the goal of copy is to get people to do what you want them to do. If it’s a letter inviting people to send for further information on what you are offering, you want them to do just that. If your copy is selling people whatever it is you have, you want them to send you their money, willingly, in return for that product or service. You have to give people what they want and it has to excite them.

If your copy doesn’t have a hook which immediately speaks to the heart of your readers, you have lost them and wasted your time, money and effort.

Let me give you a few Copy Hooks to help you even further…

The Random Bonus Commission Hook

Heading Example: Every (No.) Affiliate Sale Gets A (£) Bonus…

Tell your prospects that if they promote your product through your affiliate program, they’ll have a chance to earn bonus commissions. For example, ‘Every 10th product sold though one of my affiliates makes £20 extra commission.’ This is a great strategy for encouraging affiliates that haven’t been actively promoting your product to start again.

My Notes Hook

Heading Example: “If You Couldn’t Be There, Buy My Notes…

Tell your prospects that you took notes at your seminar and are now selling them. Let them know they are getting the very best tips from the seminar without leaving their home. The notes could be transcribed and recorded onto DVDs or CDs. Somehow the mention of notes seem extra valuable.

The Short Guarantee Hook

Offer a very short guarantee and your prospects might read further on to see why you are making this offer, because most business use longer guarantees. Your reason could be because most businesses or your competition offer longer guarantees to make people forget about ever using them if they don’t like the product.

The Major Desire Hook

Heading Example: Almost Everyone Wants To (Your Product’s Benefit)…

Tell your prospects that a majority of people or businesses need your product. They will feel it’s just normal to purchase it. This makes your product seem like it’s a normal every day or every week purchase that they really don’t have to think much about getting.

The Cash on Demand Possible Joint Venture Hook

Heading Example: You’ll Meet Many Business Owners And That Could Turn Into A Couple Joint Venture Deals…

Explain your product will allow them to meet other business owners/marketers and this could turn into lucrative joint venture deals. The possible joint venture deals they could make are a strong reason to purchase, because the money they earn would be more than the cost of your product. This works well if your product or bonus is a seminar, workshop, trade expo, online chat room, online forum, etc.

The Cash on Demand Piecemeal Hook

Heading Example: I Could Seriously Sell Each Product Separately And Make…

Let your prospects know that you could make more money selling your product package piece by piece rather than as a whole bundle. The value of purchasing the package deal is tempting because they’ll know how much you could be making. However, don’t forget you will be making less profit on the products within your bundle.

The Experience Level Hook

Heading Example: Click On Your Level Of Experience…

Tell the prospects on your web site to click onto beginner, intermediate or expert. Then you can redirect them to separate sales pages that reflect their level of experience. This technique means you can target your sales letter and the result will be a higher conversion ratio.

The Best Thing Since Hook

Heading Example: It’s The Best Thing Since (An Old Popular Product or Invention)…

Tell your prospects your product is better than or equal to an already established, reputable, branded product or business. You can also use the hook for a product without mentioning another business. Instead, for example, ‘It’s the best thing since sliced bread’.

The Affiliate Testimonial Hook

Heading Example: (Affiliate Product Owner’s Name) Is One Of The Most (Positive Quality) People I Know…

This technique creates a testimonial letter (otherwise known as a lift letter). This is how it works. You write a one page lift letter telling the prospects you personally know the business owner who has sent them details of a product or service. You validate that your business owner is honest, kind, giving, down-to-earth, etc. You can do this for your affiliates selling your products. It just may be enough to persuade people to buy through your affiliate link, especially if they already trust you.

The Mentor Hook

Tell your prospects that if they model you, they will gain their desired benefit. Explain they just need the right product and someone to show them the ropes. Just mention how easy it will be for them to copy you. Let people know you’ll provide quick start guides, step-by-step instructions, DVD tutorials, etc.

The Cash on Demand Time Element Hook

Heading Example: Just Give Me (No.) (Minutes, Hours, Weeks, Months) And I’ll Help You (Your Product’s Benefit) Guaranteed…

Tell your prospects it’s just a matter of time and a small investment before they gain their desired benefit. The more exact or specific you are about the time, the more credible it will be.

Comparison Hook

Heading Example: (No.)% Of All Affiliates Make Less Than £(No.) Per Month…

Tell your potential affiliates how little most affiliates make. You go on to tell them your current affiliates are making way above average of what most of the other affiliates are making. They will assume your product has a high conversion ratio, quality sales tools and is ripe for the market. It will persuade them to try out your affiliate program.

The Cash on Demand Lifestyle Rewards Hook

Heading Example: Imagine Making (£) And Buying (Type Of Valuable Object)…

Instead of telling your prospects to purchase something, you ask them to picture themselves making a certain amount of money with your money making product or your affiliate product.

For example, imagine making £10,000 to take the family on an amazing holiday to Las Vegas. Other luxury type purchases are cars, boats, motorcycles, houses, laptop computers, rare paintings, etc.

The Success Refund Hook

Heading Example: You’ll Get A Full Refund After You Give Us Your Success Story…

Tell your prospects that all they have to do is put down a fully refundable deposit to secure and receive your product. Once they reach their desired benefits with your product all they have to do is give you their success story. In return, you’ll give them their money back.

Point out that this means the product isn’t really costing them anything. You’ll still make good money because it’s an incredible offer and many people won’t take the time to write their success story or they’ll forget about doing it.

That’s just a small sample for you. There are hundreds of Hooks listed in my home study course complete with full explanatory notes for each one.

And if you ever get fed up with the mundane side of the business, just remind yourself that making a Swipe file and rifling through it for ideas, jotting down the ones you like and brainstorming for a HOOK is what turns an ordinary project into a Million Pound on Demand seller.

The rewards will be the same for you as they are for me. And you know there have been so many times when I’ve been thousands of miles away on a beach enjoying the beautiful sunshine…

So many times when I’ve been staring out on some glorious tropical scene, while back home the UK is languishing in the depths of a grey and gloomy winter…

And it’s all thanks to the Copy Hooks I’ve pulled out from my Cash On Demand Swipe File and Copy Portfolio. Follow my example and you can be thousands of miles away on a beach enjoying the beautiful sunshine…

And you can be staring out on some glorious tropical scene while back home the UK is languishing in the depths of a grey and gloomy winter…

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