Cash On Demand database building

Cash on Demand

Once you have your Cash on Demand website up and running – and you have decided to add an email capture box – you’ll want to think of ways to ask people for their email address.

Cash on Demand marketers use some of the following:

  1. Offer a subscription to your ezine or tip of the week email. Offer a freebie too – to get them to sign up.
  2. Offer a free ebook or course if they sign up. But make sure the content of the ebook is relevant to your target audience of course
  3. If you have a members-only private area on your Cash on Demand style website – give free access, in return for a name and email address
  4. Offer a free prize drawer – giving the opportunity to win a prize in return for providing a name and email address
  5. Provide a free consultation for people who are prepared to leave their name, email address and consultation questions
  6. Have an online survey – asking visitors to complete a survey – and of course to leave their name and email at the end too
  7. Provide a guest book for people to sign. .
  8. Offer an affiliate program – which of course allows them to sell your products for a commission –and also gets you an email address
  9. Provide a free piece of useful software for people who leave their name and email…

The list goes on. The Cash on Demand course shows how to set up your online and offline business to attract more and more customers onto your list.

Cash on Demand

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