Cash On Demand is a serious way to make money at home

Cash on Demand

Don’t believe the hype. Tread with caution when you see ads for an instant internet income system – a readymade ‘internet business in a box’ – which offers you a website and the chance to sell the system to other people – who then get the pleasure of selling it to other people – and so on…..

At worse this is a blatant pyramid scam. At best – its not going to work and you will just part with your money for nothing.

Here’s my take on the matter…

The internet is just a tool in a marketer’s toolbox, just as Direct Mail or classified ads are also sales tools.

There is an assumption that it will be cheaper to run an online Cash on Demand business, rather than offline – and of course the internet has some cost saving advantages.

But don’t; think that if someone hands you a readymade website – all you need to do is sit back and bank the cash.

There is a little work to be done too.

You need a sound business model –the Cash on Demand model – behind your business.

You need to identify a hungry crowd of people who are going to buy your products. You need to have a good solid product to sell. And you need to have a sales letter that will sell it.


But you also need your offer to be different to anyone else’s. That is why I recommend in the Cash on Demand course that you rebrand products – that you get your own sales piece created – so that it is unique online and offline – so that nobody else is making the same offer to potential customers as your Cash on Demand offer.

Position yourself as having something different – and you are on the way to becoming a successful Cash on Demand marketer.

Cash on Demand

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