Cash on Demand Marketer Says Goodbye to Needing Credit Cards

Marketer Mr Reynolds sharing his system live on stage – an excerpt…

Today is a déjà vu moment for me. Because about nine years ago long before I’d started my Cash on Demand business – I was where you are today. I was an ordinary guy living an ordinary life. I worked for a house builder. Hassall Homes, crazy name but anyway that’s what they were called. I was living in a standard three-bed semi on a local estate. Like most people, I had a mortgage. I also had credit cards. It’s an expected requirement isn’t it? We’re all encouraged to have credit cards.

Back then, I had no idea of the difference between good and bad debt. Nobody had explained that if you buy consumer goods today on credit, before you’ve finished paying for them, they’re either worn out or out of fashion. That’s bad debt. Good debt is investing in training as you have done today, because you’re improving your chance to earn money from the training.

So, as is the normal, I had huge credit card debt. I had bills and the ex-wife demanding money every month. Even though I was working in what was considered a good job, I was completely trapped working the month to pay the bills, so I could go to work the next month. The usual, the car you need to get to work is costing a tidy slice of your wages in loan costs and then there’s the upkeep and the petrol – all just to get me to work the next month. And that is how 95% of the UK population exist. I was trapped and couldn’t see any way out.

I live in Surrey because that’s where my kids live. And on a Monday for example, I would have to drive to a nine a.m. meeting for Hassall Homes in Manchester. At the time my car was a Mercedes which I’d had from new. When I left that job the clock registered 200,000 miles. I would spend hours on the motorways. I was part of the rush hour syndrome. I was in the queue, going in to work, and at five o’clock whatever, they blow the factory horn and out you come again. I was part of the system. We become systemized don’t we? That was my life before I discovered the Cash on Demand business model.

And of course then there is the length of the working day. The trade unions fought during the last century to bring down the working week from something like fifty to sixty hours to about forty hours a week. Yet many people today commute to London which means their working day can begin at five in the morning and end at seven or eight in the evening. A Fritz Lang film called Metropolis made in 1926 I think, was set in the future. It’s interesting to watch that film because their idea of the future was tall tower blocks with miles of traffic. And there’s a scene where a guy drops dead at work. They put him to one side and replace him with someone else.

We’re trained for worker mode from the first day we walk through those school gates. The result is that in order to succeed you push yourself to work long hours, evenings and weekends, all stuff for the good of the company. But honestly, what happens if you leave that company today?

A friend of mine nine years ago had this to say on the subject. And this really brought it home to me. He said, “Honestly, what happens if you leave that company today? Imagine you’ve got a bucket of water and you put your fist in it, when you take it out – the hole that’s left is how much the company is going to miss you.” Why? Because they’ve already got somebody else in to do your job. Good, huh?

So, as you can imagine, I was pretty desperate for a lucky break in life. I wanted a way out of this corporate existence I had with Hassall Homes. Out of the blue came an invitation to go to a seminar on how to make money using a Cash on Demand style of doing business. But it wasn’t in Wembley. It was in Las Vegas. I’ve heard people saying that they couldn’t possibly get to Wembley. This was on the other side of the Atlantic. So, although I wanted to go, I was making excuses. I had too many meetings in the next week and I didn’t have the time. Well on the Sunday morning preceding the Tuesday of this seminar in Las Vegas, I had to make a decision. Should I go or not. When I think about this I can’t believe it, but I tossed a coin to decide whether I should go or not.

When the coin came up on heads, I phoned my boss that Sunday morning. I got him out of bed and told him I’d like to go to Las Vegas. I told him that I should go to this really important seminar on behalf of the company. I gave him some flannel about the sales techniques would revolutionize the way we sell houses in the UK. He didn’t buy it. He said I could go but he wasn’t paying for me to have a free holiday. But he let me go. And that was the day which started me on a new path the path to the Cash on Demand system. Pretty scary that my whole life changed on the flick of a coin.

Before I tell you about that Cash on Demand seminar just jot down the word ‘lifestyle’. At that seminar this guy who was worth a fortune, was up on stage talking about his lifestyle. And I remember feeling totally disgruntled. It was like, “You’re having a laugh, mate. I’ve flown all this way. I don’t want that crap. I want to learn about making money. We’ll do lifestyle later on.” In fact I wanted to make some serious money and to get out of the endless cycle of busting a gut every day.

It took me a long time to understand why this guy wasn’t talking about making money but telling us about his lifestyle. This weekend you’re going to learn step by step a very simple system on how to make money using the Internet. However, that’s a means to an end, because it’s the lifestyle that is important. This Internet system is the type of business you can do which allows you to live a life of quality.

I have that lifestyle. You can have it. I can sit on the beach with my laptop, downloading orders and sending them to a fulfillment centre in the UK. We’re going to show you how that works today. The point is that money is pours into my business even when I’m sitting on the beach. That’s the lifestyle of the Cash on Demand business.

As you can imagine, sometimes when I think of my old way of life when I worked for Hassall Homes, I have to pinch myself. I still get the occasional nightmare where I relive those days, worrying I’m going to be late for a meeting or late for work. And I think that I haven’t got all this money and the car and house are paid for and I wake up in a complete sweat.

And then there are the pinch me moments when I have to remind myself this is real, it’s not a dream thing. I had an amazing pinch me moment recently when I got an invitation. Those people that came to the Boot Camp last year will remember that we came to Wembley and we raised £325,000 for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. In two weeks time the new ward that money paid for is opening and I’ve been invited to that. When you have results like this from using a Cash on Demand technique you get a real lump in the throat. It’s one of those pinch me moments.

If you go the Great Ormond Street website it says that we’ve donated the largest ever proceeds from one event. I mean, it staggered me. Three hundred and twenty five grand. That’s surreal. And this was all through using the same techniques you’ll find in the Cash on Demand course.

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