Cash On Demand marketers and the ‘Pinch Me!’ Moment

Palace Gates

Marketer Andrew Reynolds talking at a recent seminar

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. My father and me – standing outside the gates of Buckingham Palace gazing. We were on a site-seeing trip to London. It was a special day out for both of us.

It was awe-inspiring to a younger Andrew Reynolds gazing at the palace, wondering what it would be like to be royalty, imagining having enough money to end my worries forever. My childish imagination had me sitting at a big table inside chatting to the royals!

Imagine my delight when the guards in their bearskin hats started to parade up and down in perfect precision. I almost got my head stuck through the railings trying to get closer!

I didn’t know what went on inside but I knew it was something very important. I also knew, even at that age, that only Very Important People got to go inside. Prime ministers, royalty, heads of state and wealthy businessmen and women.

All of this was so far from the lifestyle we were living back then. Life was a hard grind for my Dad who worked all the hours he could just to feed and clothe us. A far cry from the hallowed halls of the palace with its priceless portraits, gold and silver plates and rare china.

I imagined what it must be like in the palace. I could almost see people sitting at huge tables, while servants carried in trays of the finest foods and poured out the best wines. A member of the royal family would sit at the head of the table smiling and talking to the guests.

A chauffeur driven car drew up before the palace gates. And I remember, watching as the gates swung open, and the car almost silently glided through into the grounds.

To this day, I can remember how it felt watching, I can recall it all so clearly. For the kid who never got any pocket money, it was like a fairytale.

Well that same feeling of watching a fairytale came flooding back a few nights ago. And I just wanted to PINCH myself, to see if it was all real, and not a dream I was having while asleep.

The reason I wanted to make sure this was real, and why I was thinking back to that childhood experience outside the palace gates was because once again I was at Buckingham Palace. But this time I was a guest of HRH the Prince of Wales!

It was a defining moment for me that I will treasure for the rest of my life…and its all thanks to my Cash on Demand business

I sat in the back of the Chauffeur driven Bentley, holding an invitation. It was a personal invitation from Prince Charles to attend a Dinner Gala at the palace.

The policemen on duty took my invitation card and security-check items. After everything had been checked the gates opened and this time it was me, sitting in the car that glided through. And it was the same front entrance where I had nearly got my head caught in the railings some 37 years ago.

My gaze was automatically drawn to the space where I had stood as a young boy. And I don’t know if it was real or my imagination, but I was certain a young boy stared at me through the car window as we passed through. I had to smile at him. I remembered how much it had meant to me all those years ago, that smile from the man in the car on his way to visit Buckingham Palace. It was an amazing moment.

And this was not a dream, it was real…

This was the same Andrew Reynolds, the poor broke boy who had once peered in through the gates, awe struck, watching this fairytale world. Now as an adult with less hair, I was no longer on the outside. Now I was a successful man entering the palace at the personal invitation of Prince Charles.

Now I was in a car that almost silently glided across the courtyard and into the main central square. The chauffeur stopped the Bentley under a grand canopy entranceway.

As I stepped out onto a plush red carpet, I still found it hard to believe it was happening to me. It would have been great if my Dad could have seen me. Here was his kid who always had his head in the clouds, stepping out onto the red carpet and walking into Buckingham Palace.

The feeling that evokes is just amazing. A glow of incredible warmth pervaded me. Even though my Dad had sadly passed away a few years ago, I silently said, “Well Dad, I’ve made it”. He would have been so proud, and thinking about it made the moment truly special.

Within minutes I was ushered inside, through the huge doorway. There I was met and taken up the grandest of staircases and into a small champagne reception. The host was HRH Prince Charles.

I had invited a couple of guests to join me for this incredible evening. I met up with them…

These people were special members of my Inner Circle. They were students of my Cash on Demand who had earned over a £1 MILLION from my training.

They were students, just like you. They took on board what I have taught them through the Cash on Demand course and put the system into action. By doing that they have earned millionaire status.

Also at the special reception I met up with Armand Morin and Stephen Pierce, with their wives. I had invited them over from the USA. We all became friends, after meeting for business dealings.

As you can imagine, these Americans were in awe as they arrived at Buckingham Palace. I’ve got to tell you, it was wonderful to see the look on their faces.

I am sure my face mirrored theirs, because I know I couldn’t help grinning from ear to ear.

It was as if that child I was 37 years ago was staring at the majestic surroundings…

I surely didn’t want it to end. It was so exhilarating knowing that I was hosting a table of my own guests at a Gala Dinner in the most prestigious of the Queen’s homes. It’s just I never would have believed this could happen to me.

The evening flew by and we all enjoyed the most sumptuous dinner any of us have ever tasted in our lives.

The evening was rounded off perfectly by an announcement there was music planned for our entertainment.

For some reason I was expecting something along the lines of a simple string quartet.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. For when the lights came up on the small stage in the Palace, out stepped the group, ‘Simply Red’. And they gave us a tremendous private and personal performance.

It was the perfect end to a great evening that will live with me for the rest of my life.

At the end of the evening we left the palace by walking back down the red carpet.

As I waited for my car I chatted casually to individuals such as Lord Young, the former Secretary of Trade and Industry. It was yet another “PINCH ME” moment.

Finally the evening was over as I said my goodbyes to individuals I’d only before seen on television. And when I stepped into the Bentley, I still couldn’t believe that here I was, Andrew Reynolds, leaving this famous building and surrounded by royalty and famous people.

The car drove under the archway and out through the Palace gates.

As we passed the space, I looked to where I had stood as a child and once again, I smiled…

Andrew Reynolds

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