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In the very early days of running my Cash on Demand business, long before i sat down to write my modules,  I was invited to set up a stand at the 3 day event trade fair to be held at Birmingham NEC. This trade fair was specifically for the entrepreneurs interested in the Business Opportunity industry. This happened to be my niche.

I jumped at the chance because at the time I was selling Video Tape products. And I had tried various marketing methods (many of which i now teach on my Cash on Demand Modules) to increase my sales for these products I had acquired licenses for from the USA.

However, being so new to the trade and only in the throes of marketing my first Cash On Demand products I knew zero about trade shows at the time. Also, I couldn’t really imagine myself being in a building that would be teeming with people. This didn’t matter to me, the most important thing I felt was to book a space for a stand and worry about it later on how I’d cope talking about my products at such a venue. Then the more I thought about it the better pleased I was that this chance had been presented to me. Because I realized, that at this trade fair there would be thousands of entrepreneurs hungry for opportunities to make money of course there was nothing like my products around back then to learn from). In one place for three days I would be talking to the very people who would be interested in what I had for sale.

These people had paid to attend the trade fair. So, they were highly qualified prospects, coming to look at my products. I didn’t have to go searching for them. And it was only costing me a few hundred pounds for the stand. So, for this small sum I was in direct contact with thousands of eager to buy entrepreneurs.

I started to look forward to the day. After all, how difficult could it be?

In case you’re thinking that having a stall at a trade fair is definitely not something you would want to do, please do yourself a BIG favour and read all the way through this module. There’s something very important I want to tell you which you could apply to other Cash On Demand products I’ve explained to you before today in the modules.

Also, don’t forget the principle is the same as anything else i teach about the products – you simply want to increase your profits – whether you are selling at a trade fair or you have someone else to do it for you. This will become apparent to you before you reach the end of these short modules.

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