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Cash on Demand

You know that people are out there on the internet right now making a lot of money. You know its something you would like to do yourself. You’ve got a basic computer and broadband access. You’re all set – but the one thing holding you back is knowing just how to get started…where you find your own Cash on Demand Products.

When I was looking to start my own business 12 years ago – there were a lot of obstacles (not least of which was that I was definitely a ‘non-techie’ who could hardly use a computer.)

However, I knew in my gut that someone, somewhere knew a better way to make money than I did, as a corporate slave – and I was determined not to let any obstacles get in the way of my progress.

Through the Cash on Demand Products course I now teach all of the things I learned and applied here in the UK – tweaking things as I went along. The beauty of learning from the course is that I can help you by showing you what worked – and what didn’t so that most fo the obstacles I faced are removed for you.

One of the biggest issues I had as a newbie – was getting Cash on Demand products to sell.

Now – in the course we go into detail on how and where to find products – but as a simple free guide here area couple of ideas in brief

Cash On Demand Products Sourcing 1 – Affiliate Programs

A great way to get started with a Cash on Demand Products business – to test out the marketing methods and get yourself up to speed, is to use someone else’s product that they have spent time developing – and have also put together their own website complete with sales copy and order processing.

Using the techniques from the Cash on Demand Products course, you simply market the product to a group of hungry buyers (in the course we show you where and how to find these buyers) – and collect a nice fat commission cheque each month. Simple!

You don’t have to worry about refunds, dealing with the customers, replacing lost orders, telephone queries or anything. You are simply the marketing person, paid for introducing the buyers.

Cash On Demand Products Sourcing 2 – Reprint Rights

When I first started, I bought a license – or reprint rights – to a set of video tapes. (These days it would be DVDs). Then using the techniques that I now teach in the Cash On Demand Products course, I marketed these to people in the UK.

The beauty of reprint rights is that you pay a one time license fee – and you can then sell as many copies of the Cash on Demand product as you like – and keep all the profits.

For example, one product I bought a license to for around £500 (yes – just £500) ended up selling over 10,000 copies – at around £50 a copy.

I’ll leave you to work out the figures!

In the Cash On Demand Products course I also teach you how to rebrand products that you have licenses to – to remove any element of competition.

Cash on Demand

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