Cash on Demand student tries to take shortcuts

Cash on Demand

Andrew Reynolds talks about a Cash on Demand student….

I was talking recently to a Cash on Demand student after one of my live workshops. He had left his full time corporate career as a sales manager to get his own Cash on Demand business started from home.

Like me he had bought all of the Get Rich Quick courses – all the empty promises from people who offer to show you how to make some cash quickly but have never actually done it for themselves.

He told me he had bought into some nonsense ‘readymade business’ with its own website and after paying his money – he had sat back awaiting the cash…which of course never materialised.

Like me he had tried al the MLM schemes – where you sell your friends and relatives into becoming part of your MLM downline – expecting them to make you money without you having to lift a finger.

Of course these things rarely work – as the people below you are in the same frame of mind – they want to do nothing to make money -= and therefore try to recruit their friends to do it for them…and so it goes on.

My student admitted that the first big mistake he had made was in buying into every Home Based Business Opportunity that came along. What he’d not realized was that many people offering such plans are hoping to make some money through selling you their plan –even though they have never used it themselves.

His second mistake had been that he had expected to go form nothing to super success in his first month or so. Of course this is unrealistic. True – it is possible to pull in over £1million in a week –as I have done – but like anything worth doing – it takes time to get your business to that position. It doesn’t happen overnight. You need to learn your craft first – to study the full Cash on Demand system in detail and to take action to make it work.

The bottom line here is ‘be realistic’! Getting rich overnight is pie in the sky. Using a proven system that has made a number of students Millionaires – starting form scratch and taking the right action to start and build a sustainable business over time is a much better and more realistic option.

His third mistake had been in trying to take short cuts – he had tried to get around studying and learning the basics of the Cash on Demand system

He had tried to ‘run before he could walk’ and he’d come unstuck

So – bottom line – work through the Cash On Demand course slowly – taking notes and putting into action each of the parts of the system as they are taught to you.

Start and build slowly and you’ll have yourself a sustainable Cash On Demand business you’ll be proud of.

Cash on Demand

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