Cash On Demand Swipe File

Cash on Demand

What’s a Swipe File? Like an X file? No. Like a Rockford file? No!!!

Let me give you a little clue. My name is Andrew Reynolds – I make a substantial income, from amongst other things, Cash on Demand style sales letters. In fact I paid $10,000 for one recently.

Like a diamond encrusted, 24-carat nail file? NOOOO!!!!

Give up? Ok – let me explain…

Essentially a Swipe File is little more than a cardboard box filled with marketing pieces – or what some people refer to as ‘junk mail’. ‘$10,000 is certainly a lot of money to pay for a cardboard box filled with nothing more than marketing bumpf,’ I hear you say. And of course you’d be right if the Swipe File that I picked up hadn’t contained 5 years worth of all the top sales letters and ads for most of the biggest and most successful USA marketers.

Marketing gold dust. Direct Mail Nirvana, Cash on Demand heaven!!! Well maybe. You see, as successful and wealthy as my Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand marketing has made me, I’m continually on the lookout for inspiration. With a single Cash on Demand sales letter able to bring me in over £1/2 MILLION POUNDS I’d be crazy not to be researching any possible new angles or ideas. The idea that I could probably make use of a large amount of the material in the Swipe File to create literally dozens of my own letters was simply to tempting to resist.

This makes the $10,000 I paid for the collection containing several thousand sales pieces quite simply a drop in the ocean, a mere hint, just a suggestion of the sort of money that I can make for my own business using Cash on Demand materials contained in the Swipe File. You see? Andrew Reynolds, more than just a pretty face 

Why am I telling you this?

Well… if I’m prepared to pay such a healthy amount of money for a Swipe file, what does it tell you about their worth? That’s right. A Swipe file can be priceless.

The time and trouble you take to collect already successful Direct Mail Copy (i.e. sales letters), Order Forms, Lift Letters, Flyers, Marketing Materials, Classified Ads from Newspapers and Magazines, Web Sales Copy, email Copy etc which are related to the kind of products you are offering yourself (or planning to).

Or copy that is aimed at the same target market as your own will be paid back many, many times over. Remember – a single Cash On Demand sales letter is able to bring me in over £1/2 MILLION POUNDS. That applies to YOU too.

Start your Swipe File today. You’ll never look back. They’re a fabulous resource and it’s hardly a surprise that every ‘name’ in the business keeps their own file. Having a pool of proven and powerful copy to hand makes for producing your own ‘killer copy’ all the simpler, saving you time and improving the quality of your marketing and Cash On Demand projects. Also, you never know when you might need inspiration. Even the most successful of direct marketing pros get stuck for words

I’m also telling you this because nobody else will. For some reason a Swipe File is considered something of an industry secret. If it’s good enough as a secret weapon known only to the (not insignificant amount of) millionaires who make their money with Cash On Demand projects then it’s good enough for you and I too. Well now I’ve blown the lid and I’m happy to do so. Andrew Reynolds, guilty as charged. My rationale? The more high-class quality there is out there, the more money it generates, and the more we all earn! And who knows maybe one day I might offer you $10,000 for your cardboard box full of bits of paper too.

Cash on Demand

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