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Andrew Reynolds live on stage at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

I started in this business, ten years ago. But I had to fly to the other side of the States, I couldn’t pop down to Bournemouth. I get emails from people saying, “It’s okay for you, you’ve got your database of customers. You’ve built your business up, you’ve got etc. etc.”

But here’s the rub…I didn’t have any of these things when I started myhome business. I was in the same position as you are today. I was sat in a room with exactly the same scenario as yours. I didn’t have a database of customers and I didn’t have any product to sell. I didn’t even know how to obtain a product. I knew nothing about direct mail. And probably just like you, I had limited finances.

So there you have it. Ten years ago I was a novice of this business, listening and learning to experts who could help me to get started. Just like you. One of the guys I went to see was Bill Myers. He was the gentleman that started me off. I went along to a seminar he was running. He also had guest speakers, who were experts in their field. And at this seminar of teaching my system, I am going to do the same for you. You will be learning from specialists in their field who can teach you specific things.

As an example, maybe you have seen the DVD titled, ‘The Secret’. It’s a marvellous piece of work. One of the main teachers is a gentleman called Bob Proctor. When he heard I was doing this seminar for children’s charity he called me up and asked if he could come over and give a hand. We’re blessed he’s here with us this afternoon.

The reason is that whenever I do live seminars, we give people vitally important information that enables them to make money. We give them all they need to get started in this business. But there’s a problem – a big problem. So many of our students lack one vital element to make it happen, to realise their ambitions and that missing element is motivation. Without the motivation, the drive to take action and get started is missing. That’s what Bob Proctor does. He motivates you. He’s going to get you to take that all important action of getting started.

If you’ve read the Cash on Demand system, you’ll know I tend to illustrate points by talking about some of my past students. I’ve never spoken about this particular person before, a gentleman called Simon. Three years ago he came to one of my workshops. That was when he started a home business and I believe he’s just pulled in three million pounds. He’s here to talk to you tomorrow. You’ll hear from him, exactly what he did when he left that Cash on Demand system workshop three years ago. He’s going to show you step by step how he’s made three million pounds.

I receive emails from people wanting to know how they can get onto page one of Google. Obviously it’s a powerful sales tool if you can do this. One of our Cash on Demand system experts is going to come onto the stage and teach you how to do just that. You can learn how to get onto page one of Google this weekend.

And people want to know how to write powerful sales letters. Sales letters that make you big money. Be prepared to listen to some of the best copywriters on the planet – they’re here for you, this weekend.

Some of the top Cash on Demand system marketers will also be talking to you this weekend. Be prepared for a power-packed weekend, because we have everything covered for you. We have all the specifics you need to go away from here and get your Cash on Demand system business started on Monday.

What you have in front of you hopefully is a hardback notebook and a pen. These are your starter tools. They are exactly what I took with me to America ten years ago when I first started. I’m not going to load you down with a mass of paperwork, copies of all of the powerpoint presentations – it’s not necessary. As I explained on the piece of paper I sent out before you came here today, take notes of any great idea you hear which is relevant to you. This weekend you’re going to hear loads of great Cash On Demand system ideas. Any that are relevant to you, draw a little light bulb by the side of your note.

I still have my book from ten years ago. It’s full of little light bulbs drawn next to jotted down ideas. I still use that book today. Ten years later, just one of those ideas in my book can be worth millions of pounds to me. Over the next ten years and beyond, just one of the Cash On Demand system ideas from this weekend, that you write down in your book, may be worth a million quid or more to you. So be prepared to take notes and draw lots of light bulbs.

How many people are subscribers to the Cash on Demand system? Can we just have a show of hands? I think its most of you in the room, yeah? If you’re not, write down your name, address and telephone number on a piece of paper, hand it in at the front desk and they’ll post the details of the Cash on Demand system for you.

What we’re going to try and show you this weekend, compliments the contents of the Cash on Demand system training course. It’s not a substitute. For example, there are strategies in the Cash on Demand system, that take a two hour DVD to teach. I didn’t want you to spend two hours of this weekend just watching a DVD, when you can do that at home. Instead, what we’re going to do for you this weekend, is to cram everything that we can which will complement the information inside the Cash on Demand system.

Okay, I want to press on. So, let me explain about that American seminar I attended ten years ago. I come from a background in retail. And I had one of those light bulb moments when this guy was standing there talking about a small business he was running from home. He was making thirty to forty thousand dollars a month without travelling to an office every day.
He explained about high margins. If you’re going to be in this business you want high margins. I will show you later, that a product which costs you fifty pounds to produce for your customer, sells for about five thousand pounds.
This is a far cry from my poor old dad selling a packet of screws with a mark up of thirty three and a third percent. In a Cash on Demand system business the margins are vast. You also need low marketing costs. We’re going to show you this weekend, some ridiculously low marketing costs. In the Cash on Demand system we teach a marketing system that is completely free.

You don’t want large overheads. Both my poor old dad and my grandfather had huge overheads. They paid for premises, they paid for staff and they invested in a shop full of stock. The business we’re going to teach you this weekend can be run from your home, whether it’s in England or Hawaii. You don’t need large stocks of product. If for example you were selling a CD product, I will show you today, how you can run off a copy for the customer to fulfill their order. You don’t need a warehouse or shop full of stock. And there is definitely no sitting by the cash till waiting for customers to come in and buy your products. In fact you don’t even need to be there when your customers make their purchases. Fulfillment houses will do it for you. We’ll cover that this weekend and show you how to run your Cash On Demand system business on autopilot.

I have vivid memories of the long hours my dad worked in the shop. I hardly ever saw him at home. Even if just two customers came in, poor old dad had to stay in the shop all day long for six days a week for nearly the entire year. We hardly took holidays because Dad couldn’t afford to shut the shop, because if he did, he couldn’t sell and so he wouldn’t earn any money.

The Cash on Demand system shows you how to earn money even when you’re on holiday. You don’t have to be where the customer is. That’s the system I teach on the full Cash on Demand system training course.

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