Cash On Demand through autoresponders

Cash on Demand

It’s a well documented and proven fact that people will buy after seeing your sales message a number of times. (That’s not to say that people will not buy straight away – this in fact is saying that in addition to all the people who buy immediately having seen your Cash on Demand sales page – you are leaving a lot of extra profit on the table by not keeping in touch with those who do not buy on first visit.

An autoresponder is the thing to use to maintain the contact and get them to convert to lifetime customers.

Even if your sales copy follows every single rule taught in the Cash on Demand copywriting training Modules, it will only convert a percentage of readers upon their first visit.

Others will buy when they are reminded though an email a day or so later. Yet again – others may take 7 reminders or contacts, to make them buy.

Naturally, your odds of getting people to buy are greatly increased the more you pay attention to the sales copy in the first place. No follow-up procedure is ever going to make sales if the actual sales letter – your online sales person – is poor in the first place..

So you should follow the instructions in the Cash on Demand course – or if you don’t fancy doing it yourself – use a freelance copywriter to do it for you. But either way – get strong copy on your site to start with.

Then – and only then add an email capture device and link that to an autoresponder.

In the autoresponder create a series of messages that will enhance your credibility with the reader

And remember to get them back to your Cash on Demand sales letter to do the actual selling. Don’t bombard people with 24 pages of copy in an email and expect them to read it.

More – in the monthly Cash on Demand course.

Cash on Demand

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