Cash On Demand using simple traffic generation

Cash on Demand

So you have a website. You’ve used the techniques shown in the Cash on Demand course to build it – so you know that your first site is only to have one main page plus an order page. No fancy multiple pages – no catalogue of products – no putting all your offers on the table on one website.

But building the site doesn’t mean that the cash will flow in straight away. Having built the site you need to look at hoe to get it noticed.

There is an old saying that if you build a better mousetrap they will beat a path you to your door. That thinking – that if you build a better website – people will flock – is of no use to us as realists. Cash on Demand marketers know that to get people to a website takes some marketing effort.

In Modules 4 , 5 and 6 of the Cash on Demand course we show you one way to combine offline marketing such as classified ads and press releases to drive people to a website.

In effect, using these techniques, you are merely using the web to provide your sales letter in an easily accessible form.

For example a few years ago, one might have put an ad in the national press with a phone number or cut out coupon for more information. You would; fill in the coupon and return it to a freepost address – and then be sent a 12 page (or more) sales letter and an order form

Nowadays, whilst that still works – and works well – you’ll find that if you include your Cash on Demand website address in an ad – people will go straight to the website – and if the offer is good, will buy.

Similarly if you send out a press release to the media – which is peppered with your website address – you’ll get immediate hits on the site when the article appears.

In Module 6 of the Cash on Demand course we show w a live example of a woman who did just that and started a very successful business – all of the free publicity and a simple ugly website

That’s Cash on Demand marketing at its simplest.

Cash on Demand

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