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Cash on Demand coach Andrew Reynolds talks about using video on websites

With the advent and general acceptance of YouTube and other similar online video play out providers – adding a video message to your Cash on Demand sales page online is now a piece of cake to do.

Most successful Cash on Demand sites that I use myself, for example, now feature videos in some way to get a message across.

Some of my early attempts were feeble- but nowadays I use the following check list when I’m putting a Cash on Demand video together for online play out.

I tend to speak in short sharp bursts and when putting a video together I have to remind myself to speak more clearly. Cash on Demand marketers tend to get excited – but for video – slow down and get your message across clearly,

Make sure the lighting is right. Even some of the top marketers who you would think should know better – put poorly lit videos on their site –and then wonder why their responses are low. You wouldn’t watch a TV programme if the lighting was poor. Pay attention to this when you film your own Cash on Demand video

Always use a microphone that is detached from the camera. Nothing sounds worse than a mic that picks up all of the surrounding noise. A simple tie clip type mic that plugs into your camcorder, webcam or whatever decide you are using for the video creation – will set you back just a few pounds – but will make your Cash On Demand video presentation sound professional.

Smile. Ok – it sounds obvious – but nobody wants to hear from a dour boring person. Smile and chat as though you were talking to your mates down at the pub. Don’t put on an affected accent.

Again- it sounds obvious – but watch the video back straight away – so that it can be re-filmed if its not up to scratch.

Consider using low cost software to add a title –which depending on where you are going to use the video – will include the URL of your Cash on Demand site. Also edit out any mistakes etc.

I tend to output wmv files for YouTube use. Your software will allow you to save the file as a wmv for uploading easily.

Once you have loaded the video clip onto YOUtube – you’ll then see a piece of code that you can simply copy and paste into your own Cash On Demand website so that the new video becomes part of your sales site. Its that easy!

Cash on Demand

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