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Cash on Demand

Cash on Demand Modules author Andrew Reynolds on running a simple one page website

If you run a website, based on what Andrew teaches in the Cash on Demand Modules, as part of your arsenal of tools – you need to think of it as your shop front and your ambassador. Your website is where potential customers get their first impression of you and check you out.

As he says in the Cash on Demand Modules “When my Dad had his shop – every morning he would sweep off the step and put out the open sign. Your website needs to look similarly open for business. It needs to look clean and swept and ready for business.

Visitors will be put off if you have old content – old dated-looking graphics and worse – a date showing on the site which has long passed.

In the Cash on Demand Modules Andrew Reynolds teaches us that “The problem with my Dads shop was that apart from deliveries, where he would take the name and address of his customer, in general he simply sold his goods and never had any ideas who had bought them – or more importantly – how to contact them again about future offers he might have.

Websites built in the way that Andrew shows in the Cash on Demand Modules allow you to capture the name and address (or email address at the very least) of everyone who visits your shop. Make sure you have a name and email address capture device. (In the Cash On Demand Modules you’ll see exactly how this works)

Many times in my Dads shop – people would ask the same question. Day after day he would provide the same answers – like some sort of robot delivering answers

With an online shop of course – you can do exactly that – you can automatically provide answers for people to help them. Set up a FAQ page where you post all of the answers to frequently asked questions. It will save you time and allow you to focus on the real money making tasks in the way I show you in the Cash On Demand Modules.

In my Dads shop – it would have been wonderful if each week – or whenever he wanted, just like I show you in the Cash On Demand Modules – he could send a message to his past customers – or indeed his future ones – and detail offers or new products – or maybe just keep in touch with helpful advice and tips to maintain his good relationship with his customers.

You can now do that using autoresponders to automatically send out your messages and offers exactly as I do in my own Cash On Demand Modules. In fact it has been shown that sending up to 7 email messages to prospects increases the level of sales you make. Simple!

Back before I wrote the Cash On Demand Modules , when I was a young lad serving in dad’s shop- there was nothing that got a customer to buy more, than the fact that the shop would be closing in ten minutes. It seemed to focus their attention and make them decide to pay.. The same is true with a website built in the way I show in the Cash On Demand Modules. In your sales copy – ensure you have a sense of urgency. A deadline fast approaching will focus the prospects mind and get the decision made.

Dad would get customers telling their friends about his little hardware shop and those people in turn would visit the shop. On our COD website we can use a simple ‘tell a friend’ script to allow people to pass on your message to other friends and associates of theirs.

As you build your website, using the training from the Cash On Demand Modules – look to the High Street for lessons on the things that have been done over time to deliver more bottom line profits. You’ll be surprised how well these ‘old school’ techniques work online too when used with the marketing techniques taught by the Cash On Demand Modules.

Cash on Demand

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