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Cash on Demand

You’ve set up your Cash on Demand simple website to sell your front end product – but how do you know if it is an effective website

An effective Cash on Demand website is one that works – one that actually grabs the reader at the headline and pulls them through to the order page. We don’t want it to do anything else. The primary reason for having the website is to pull in Cash – literally on demand.

Let’s look at some of the questions you ought to be asking yourself….

  • Would I buy from this website?
  • Does it look totally professional or is it simply ‘OK’?
  • Is it getting visitors – and if so are they buying?


Does the website promote trust with the visitor. Is it easy to se what is being offered? So many websites I am asked to look at have a huge colour logo at the top with the name of the business – something which the reader is absolutely not interested in. All the Cash on Demand type buyer is interested in is “What’s in it for me?”. A huge logo and some odd business name at the top doesn’t answer that question and people will simply click away.


I get sent all sorts of websites to review. Many are very poorly put together and look awful. Your website MUST look professional. It is your salesman – and in the real bricks and mortar world, you wouldn’t dream of sending out a salesman who was very badly dressed, slurred his speech and drove an old banger of a car. Similarly you wouldn’t let him take photocopies or hand done sketches of your products – you would expect him to have decent photos and graphics.

Your website is probably the first connection the potential customer has with your business. If it looks shabby – you’ve lost your one and only chance to make the right first impression – and you’ve lost your Cash on Demand customer.


Just this morning I had an email from a student saying “I’ve had this website up and running for weeks – I’ve advertised it – but its not selling.”

When we actually checked his visitor stats – it was easy to se the problem. No-one was visiting. His ad was appalling and no one was checking the website mentioned in the ad, to get more information

If your website is making no sales – look at your stats. If you are getting loads of visitors – check the sales copy on the site as it is failing to convert your Cash on Demand sales. If you are getting no visitors however – tweak the ad or think what you are doing to get people to the site.

A Cash On Demand website is a great tool to use – but you need to follow the examples in the Cash On Demand course to make sure it is set up correctly.

Cash on Demand

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