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If I can give you a written letter to get across my point – maybe 24 or more pages of compelling Cash on Demand style copy, – or I can talk to you ‘face to face’ – which is likely to have a greater impact?

The old saying of ‘being able to see the whites of his eyes’ is so relevant to your Cash on Demand business.

True – a good compelling sales letter written in the way we show in the Cash on Demand course, with a strong headline, bullet points, features and benefits, call to action etc, will make you a lot of money – but adding a simple low cost video – where you talk directly to the site visitor “face to face” – will improve your visitor conversions greatly.

Videos are a great way for you to introduce yourself to a new potential customer – to gain their trust and to start a long standing relationship if used as part of your marketing arsenal.

Videos are a great way to show your Cash on Demand products in moving graphics – or to show clips of DVDs you are selling or software screen shots and demonstrations.

Videos are also a great way to have your Cash on Demand customers provide you with some great testimonials – providing your site visitor with real live believable feedback from third parties – testimonial that are from real people rather than some of the blatantly made up written ones we’ve alls seen form “Mrs P of London”.

These days there is almost no reason NOT to have video on your Cash on Demand website. YouTube offers you the free use of its services to host the video. A simple cheap webcam (built into many laptops these days) or a home camcorder, will do the job well

See the bonus Modules of the Cash on Demand course for full details of how to profit from video on your Cash On Demand website.

Cash on Demand

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