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Every year at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp I get the chance to chat to students of the Cash on Demand Modules course face to face. A regular discussion is around the subject of websites.

“I have built my Cash on Demand website like you show me in the Cash on Demand Modules but no-one is visiting….”

Now, the ‘Get Rich Quick’ peddlers sell you on the dream that if you could just get a website online – all of your financial problems would go away – as money would simply flow in through your card payment account and life would be wonderful

Of course this isn’t; the full picture. Like any offline traditional business, there is some work to do.

In the monthly Cash on Demand modules, I show you how to use a one page simple format website (not some huge great catalogue) as just part of your Cash on Demand (COD) style business toolbox.

The website on its own is nothing. It is out there in cyberspace – but it will do nothing on its own.

COD Modules show you how to use simple low cost methods to get people to look at your site.

In fact in Module 6 of the COD Modules we show a real life example of someone who used free advertising to get hundreds – if not thousands – of people to her website – where she then sold them a little gizmo she had bought from a manufacturer and made herself a full time living.

All from a free website and some free promotional techniques that are featured in the COD Modules.

In one of the bonus Modules we also teach you how to use Pay Per Click advertising to send targeted visitors to your site.

Bottom line- in the COD Modules you learn how to make money from a simple one page website starting on a shoestring.

Cash on Demand

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