Copy This Idea by Andrew Reynolds

Award winning small business owner Andrew Reynolds has this week launched his new book; Copy This Idea published by John Wiley and Sons Capstone books.

As Reynolds mentions in the opening chapters: “When I was asked to write this book, I remember my publisher saying to me – “You’re nothing special, yet you’ve made all this money!!”

“And she was right. I’m nothing special. I’m not some glitzy TV Business Guru or someone whose face you see every other day in the papers. I’m nothing special – I’m just an ordinary bloke who keeps himself to himself… who left school with 4 GCE’s – including woodwork and drawing. I’m not an expert on ‘the world of business’…..I’m just an ordinary bloke who, bored with his full time job, the commuting in traffic, the bosses I hated and the ‘just getting by each month’… stumbled upon a great way for someone with no business qualifications and no experience, to start and run a business in his spare room at home…and banked well over £50Million!!”

That’s what Copy This Idea is all about. It allows the reader to copy the whole business model that Andrew Reynolds uses, to start their own standalone business at home in their spare time

As he puts it, in chapter entitled “If you want to get rich, copy the rich bloke”:

“If someone has actually come up with something, made all the mistakes and succeeded – it makes sense to learn from him/her – and to hopefully benefit from their experiences and avoid the mistakes, right?

That’s what Andrew Reynolds has done with this book – he shows you what has worked for him, so that you can copy some of his ideas for yourself and start your own business.

To help see his business system in action, book buyers also get a free set of DVDs as well.

Copy This Idea by Author Andrew Reynolds. Non-fiction. Home Business. ISBN 978-1-118-78672-7 Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Available from, other online book retailers such as WH Smith, or you can get your copy right now for just £9.99.

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