Jane Somner Success Story

This success story comes from a lady who describes herself as an ordinary down to earth 46 year old married woman with 2 kids who just happens to have stumbled across a great way of making money to keep her and her family. Just 4 years ago and heavily in debt Jane Somner and her husband came across the Cash on Demand system and decided, as their existing business was in decline, to follow the system and try to start a new home based business from their spare room. For Jane Somner Cash on Demand was definitely the way forward.
Following the step by step instructions in the course, the Jane Somner Cash on Demand success story began when she started selling a simple 2 CD set from her kitchen table and within just 7 weeks the Jane Somner Cash on Demand business had banked £87,958.61.

In fact according to Jane Somner Cash on Demand is the best thing they ever did. Just in their spare time working at home maybe 2 or 3 hours a week Jane Somner and her husband have already banked over £1,132,800.98 in the 4 years since they first began.

As Jane Somner said “that’s over £5,196.33 per week!!”

But life wasn’t always that easy for Jane Somner and her family. Before starting their Cash on Demand business Jane and her husband had been running a business of their own offering services over the telephone to accountants.  That business was suffering badly from very high overheads including large offices, loads of staff, and all the associated costs of running a telephone based business. As Jane Somner puts it “we were going nowhere and in fact had reached the point where we had over £40,000 pounds worth of personal debt accumulated through running that business.”

Jane Somner and her husband then stumbled upon something which showed them a different way to earn a living. According to Jane somner Cash on Demand provided them with step by step instructions on how to run a business from their spare room at home selling things like CD’s and DVD’s. With no previous experience they launched their first product and within weeks the Jane somner Cash on Demand business had pulled in over £87,000 pounds…. Going on to bank over £1.1 million pounds in the 4 years that they have been running. An incredible achievement considering that they started with no previous experience…..no customers to sell to…..and no products. According to Jane somner Cash on Demand provided simple step by step instructions that they followed in the modules. They found themselves a high margin product in the form of 2 CD’s and used the marketing techniques laid down in the Cash on Demand course to launch their first little project. Jane Somner said “we can’t believe it. We put out an offer for our 2 CD set and within days we were seeing on line orders coming in and even cheques in the post from people that we had never heard off. It was such a great feeling particularly bearing in mind the financial dire straits we were in through our old business.”

According to Jane somner Cash on Demand has totally changed the lives of Jane and her family taking them from over £40,000 pounds worth of debt to a position where they could pay off all their credit card and debit card bills and even go shopping for some of the luxuries in life including a brand new Mercedes…..and even treating themselves to their dream of owning a power boat.

“Life is so much easier” says Jane Somner “since starting our Cash on Demand business.”

You can read the full Jane somner Cash on Demand success story at www.cash-on-demand.co.uk

Jane Somner

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